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Rose Valley

Rose Valley is an part of Bulgaria positioned south of Stara Planina and north of Sredna Gora mountain. It contains two river valleys - Stryama river valley in west and Tundja river valley on east.

The valley is famous with the growing of roses and its one of the symbols of Bulgaria. Here for centuries the Rose Damascena have been grown, from which by destination and other processes you can produce rose oil. Rose oil is widely used in pharmacy, perfumes and others. Bulgaria produces 70% of the worlds rose oil, which make the country the largest producer of rose oil. 

Bulgarian rose oil wins gold medals in exhibitions in Paris, London, Philadelphia, Milan. Producing of rose oil has a hundreds of  years of tradition. Rose picking is a manual operation and it starts very early in the morning and ends at noon. The flower should be fresh and shouldn't be fully bloomed. That is necessary to contain at maximum the aroma and moisture so they can be extracted later during the distillation.

For 1kg of rose oil they need 3000-3500kg of rose flowers. For 1 muskal (metric from the Arabs, 5g) rose oil they need from 7000 to 15 000 rose flowers. In the rose valley every year in the first days of June there is a celebration - The Rose Festival.

In the town of Kazanlak considered to be the capital of the rose valley you can find an historical place "Kulata", where the tourists can observe the old style rose distillation and to try some rose products.



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